Beige, tan, putty—no matter what you called it, “neutral” used to mean blah. Meek, blend-into-the-woodwork tones whose purpose in life was to go unnoticed. But these days, women aren’t content to blend in. They want to announce themselves with quiet but commanding shades that reflect their confidence and sophistication.

For our Essentials Collection, we’ve selected a palette of new neutrals: Blush, Bisque, Tuxedo, Bordeaux, and Amethyst. These elegant colors work with the go-to pieces a woman already has in her wardrobe. They’re a subtle and timeless complement to the seasonless fabrics in our new collection. We think you’ll agree that these shades weren’t meant to be wallflowers—their dance cards will always be full:

Blush—Like a fine rosé Champagne, this delicate shade tiptoes up to pink but never crosses the line.

Bisque—This smooth, velvety hue is a delicious neutral in any season.

Tuxedo—This lustrous shade of onyx is black-tie elegant.

Bordeaux—An inky ruby tone that’s dramatic on its own, this deep hue pairs with other colors and patterns better than any neutral.

Amethyst—Like the stone for which it’s named, this rich, evocative color is opulent, moody, and intriguing.

Photographed by Travis Matthews

A certain kind of woman moves through the world with ease and confidence. She has a clear, unshakeable vision for her life and a decisive plan for her future. That woman is our client. When she was delighted by our debut designer collection, we were thrilled. When she asked for more foundational pieces, we designed them. When she told us she wanted seasonless fabrics and timeless colors, we listened.

We’re proud to introduce our Essential Collection, a 12-piece capsule made of luxe, investment-quality garments that give our client the options she expects. Photographed by Travis Matthews, each piece is a wearable work of art constructed with premium finishes, such as French seams and hand-sewn hems. Behind the scenes, you’ll find hidden zippers that close smoothly. Our thread may look ordinary, but its strong fibers hold buttons tightly in place and keep hems from falling. I am sure you already know that this is not to be taken for granted.

We’ve used Ponte di Roma knits and fine silk georgette—forgiving fabrics of superb quality with stretch that are comfortable and wearable year-‘round. We’ve selected classic colorways that expand the definition of neutral: Blush, Bisque, Tuxedo, Bordeaux, and Amethyst. We’ve designed, cut, and sewn the collection in New York City, the worldwide capital of fashion. Our clients demand the superior craftsmanship on which NYC’s Garment District has built its longstanding reputation, and it’s our mission to give it to them at a fraction of true luxury prices.

We’ve named each core piece in this collection for a special woman in our founder’s life—her mother, her grandmother, her best friends, and others who have helped her become the proud, self-assured woman she is today. That’s how personal these garments are to her. Once you wear them, I hope they’ll become personal to you, too.

Check in often as we add styles, colors, and fabrics. Join us and the extraordinary women who inspire us as we continue to look ahead and achieve more than we thought possible together.  

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Dear Whonderful You, 

I hope these words find you in high spirits on International Women’s Day!  Today we spotlight the incredible contributions of women across the world, but it is doubly special to us as today we are blessed to be back doing what we love at OF WHONDER, supporting and designing clothing for beautiful women like you. 

Due to COVID-19, we stepped away in 2020 to protect the talented women (and one special man) that make up our team.  The health and safety of those we love always comes first.  But know that while we have been away, you have constantly been on our minds.  We have prayed for your physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.  We have hoped that your time home with family and to re-connect with yourself has been the silver lining.  And in the meantime, we have been thinking of how to better serve you through our offerings and experiences, how to better protect the environment through more sustainable business practices, and how to better reach women and girls around the world through our Carma activities. We have all grown tremendously over the past year, and OF WHONDER has too.  Perhaps not in size nor revenue, but certainly in commitment.

There is always work to be done, even in a pandemic.  We are even more committed, through luxurious fashions, unique experiences and positive content, to helping you become the very best version of yourself.  Visit our website and social platforms often for words of encouragement, introductions to amazing women doing amazing things, beautiful collaborations with fellow women and minority-owned brands, and of course for timeless luxury fashion for women of all shapes and sizes. Women are, without a doubt, the backbone of every society, community, and family.  In that respect, our brand is no different. 

What does set us apart is our commitment to our five core principles: quality, inclusivity, individuality, sustainability, and community.  Today, I salute you and all women from our loyal clients, community activists, political and business leaders to my beloved Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. sisters for the remarkable things you all do every single day to make the world better in big and small ways.