Seasonless Dressing: New Rules or No Rules?

We all know you can wear white between Labor Day and Easter now, but isn’t there more to seasonless dressing than tossing out a few rigid old rules? To me, seasonless dressing means creating a wardrobe that suits you. It means collecting investment-quality pieces with a complementary color palette and classic silhouettes. It means building a foundation that’s not just seasonless—it’s timeless.

Seasonless pieces can be layered (or not) to fit the season and the weather. Thanks to global warming we can’t count on those cool spring days anymore, so layering has become a necessity. Look for three-quarter length or Dolman sleeves you can wear no matter what the weather—see our Nancy Dress, Meeka Top, and Angela Caftan, for instance.

You can accessorize seasonless foundational pieces for the occasion or time of day, and combine them with clever accessories for an up-to-the-minute look. Wear the Nancy dress solo for work, for example, and add a sheer mesh opera glove in a bright color to go out afterward. It’s that simple. Or pair the Monique Legging with the Meeka Top, add sculpted architectural earrings, and slip on a pair of sexy ankle boots.

What does seasonless dressing mean to you? Let us know how you get more mileage from your wardrobe year ‘round.