Love Letter


Dear Whonderful You,


     I pray this letter finds you in good spirits! I’m so full of joy and excitement about all that’s happening at OF WHONDER, and I’m eager to share it with you. I’m grateful to have such a beautiful and meaningful mission to distract me from all the madness in the world—racism, natural disasters, and threats of war, for starters. Expanding the possibilities in luxury ready-to-wear for women like you is truly my honor.


     It’s my heartfelt desire to help you discover and celebrate your vitality, sensuality, and worth, and to realize the best version of yourself. I’ve chosen to do this through fashion because, as Oprah says, “If you look good, you do good.” I know this to be true personally. The more beautiful I feel, the more comfortable I am in my skin and the more present I am in my life. In the past, I’ve lovingly urged the women in my life to achieve more and be their best. The future will be no different.


     The beauty of it all is that you and your sister-clients are so easy to love on. Like the brand, our WHONDER WOMEN are multidimensional: elegant and edgy, quiet and courageous, forgiving and forthright. Your desire for quality and your unwavering pursuit of the best is what drives us. I want more for you, better for you, the best for you. I’m an advocate for excellence, committed to giving you that in my work every day. Why? Because you deserve it. You are worth it.


     In that vein, we’re releasing two sophisticated new collections that I’m so proud of and know you’ll love. The first is available now. Many of you have asked for well-tailored basics to support your everyday life. The Essential Collection is our answer. It’s a 12-piece capsule of foundational pieces that capitalize on seasonless fabrics and timeless hues. This collection complements our designer suite of fearless, imaginative designs, which showcases striking, luxurious runway worthy looks that have until now remained mostly unavailable to the majority of women. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming designer collection, inspired by the American Revolution (and Hamilton, of course!).


     Superb craftsmanship lies at the heart of every collection we present. We take it seriously, which means we take our time—it’s the antithesis of fast fashion. We support and offer investment-quality dressing: fine fabrics, exceptional sewing, and lasting garments.  This approach to luxury fashion for women sizes 10 and up can be tough. First, it costs more to produce very high-quality garments, which is reflected in our prices. Trust me—I’ve fought to keep them as low as reasonably possible. Second, many fail to recognize the diversity of taste and style in our market. We’re not monolithic. And finally, too many of us have been conditioned to think we don’t merit quality—we don’t deserve better.


     For these reasons and more, we’ve been away for a while working behind the scenes to ensure that the product you receive is always excellent. There were many hard days, but your kind emails, DMs, and calls reaffirmed our belief that we were needed. Sometimes it has felt impossible to build a fashion brand that designs, cuts, and sews all of its own garments in NYC while creating a special experience with only you in mind. But with an amazing team, advisors, angels, and—most important—God, I know all things are possible. Our staff has grown, bringing with them years of experience with brands like Armani, Narciso Rodriguez, Calvin Klein Celebrity, Helmut Lang, Ralph Lauren, and Jones New York. The beauty and care with which they handle each design is inspiring. Excellence is the name of our game. We don’t use words like “premium” and “luxury” lightly. They’re certainly not marketing terms we adopt to drive traffic. For us, premium offerings are a way of life, and the pursuit of perfection is in our DNA.


     I really am so excited about what’s ahead. Engage with us often. Tell us what you love and how we can be better serve you. Together, we can accomplish the impossible—and look incredible doing it!


                                                                                                                        Love and light,