OF WHONDER is an inclusive premium lifestyle brand for women who want access to garments of exceptional quality, sophisticated design, and unexpected, luxurious details. Our bold, innovative collections give women sizes 0 to 24 the fashion they deserve with the effortless fit and awe-inspiring style they’ve been looking for.  

Our softly tailored garments have the same fluid elegance that’s become the hallmark of iconic designers. We source our fabric, leather, buttons, zippers, and fasteners from the same high-end suppliers. We even use the same fine cutting shears. But our garments are priced to be worn. We want to give you sensual, timeless clothing that makes you stand taller and carry yourself with a bit more pride the moment you slip into it. You deserve no less. 

Our groundbreaking label has unlocked new possibilities in luxury ready-to-wear for all women. Designed, cut, and sewn in New York City, OF WHONDER collections feature classic styles reimagined with freshness and originality. Our subtle, artful designs form the foundation of a discerning woman’s wardrobe. Smart, modern color choices blend seamlessly with patterns and accessories in complementary shades, yielding maximum return on your style investment.  

Directional tailoring, fine fabrication, and thoughtful details are evident in each artisan-quality garment we produce. Any item you order from us will arrive in a beautiful bordeaux and black beribboned box thoughtfully designed for you.  You’ll know you’ve treated yourself to an exquisite gift.  Let us spoil you and prove that the OF WHONDER experience is greater than the sum of its parts.  

We’re inspired by textures, lines, and shapes. We’re inspired by the finest fabrics and materials from around the globe. But most of all, we’re inspired by elevated style, and by the women whose lives demand it.  

Welcome to a new world.