OF WHONDER is rooted in superior quality, but so much more. You will fall in love with our sophisticated essentials and edgy accessories that can be styled to suit every woman’s unique vibe.  If a design isn’t accessible to the majority of women, we won’t make it.  Slow and thoughtful is our way of life, we create and collaborate with others on enduring collections for our community while incorporating best practices to heal our planet. Above all things, our greatest promise is to serve women globally through our brand offering and philanthropy.  To remain true to our brand philosophy, we consistently focus on five core principles:


Directional tailoring, fine fabrication, and thoughtful details are evident in each artisan-quality garment we design. Our timeless pieces, made with the highest integrity and always some stretch, are the soul of our sophistication.

Our evolution of style begins with precise silhouettes for women sizes 0 to 24. Unlike other fashion houses, we have created a brand with the majority of women in mind. Our devotion to excellence and equality drives our continuous march toward greater accessibility.

Self-expression is at the heart of our subtle yet artful designs. Our awe-inspiring fashion moments are the result of marrying our signature essentials with our edgy accessories created within or through partnership with brands we love—allowing OF WHONDER women the opportunity to cater to all sides of their personality and style.

We strive to responsibly source natural materials and design products that are good for Mother Earth and made to last. Our hope is to encourage a shift to intentional buying that leads to more curated and more worn wardrobes. With OF WHONDER, women will have a chance to invest in themselves and others, including the planet—the ultimate double ROI.

Our commitment to giving extends far beyond our community, products and experiences we design for the women we serve daily. We vow to always use our resources to empower and advance a wide range of causes dedicated to women and girls globally.