OF WHONDER represents my heartfelt wish for every woman to celebrate her vitality, sensuality, and worth. The name comes from my family’s original name, De Whonder. It honors my proud Jamaican heritage, which has long celebrated women and the feminine silhouette. Both the name and the brand are very personal to me.

For years, I worked in politics, finance, philanthropy and international affairs in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Geneva, Switzerland. I traveled frequently to places like Riyadh, Beijing, and Milan. I had an active social life, too. I always felt I could keep up with the fashion industry—what I needed was clothing that could keep up with me. I wanted luxurious tailored garments that fit my curvy shape, fast-paced lifestyle, and allowed me to express the different sides of myself.

Fashion may seem like a radical shift from my earlier career, but in truth, it’s a loving extension of it. I’ve always been an advocate. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to Howard and Johns Hopkins, both of which encourage service to others. Now I’m inspired to advocate for inclusivity and sustainability in high-end fashion. Beautiful clothing is meant to be worn by all—and often, not to hang out of reach in private showrooms or discarded and replaced regularly. I want to help women access investment-quality garments and content that always communicates a message of confidence, tenacity, and unapologetically high standards.  On top of that, I am committed to building a community that helps women empower other women.