Accomplished, driven, creative women want to look and feel beautiful. We want exquisite garments that quietly announce our confidence and sophistication. OF WHONDER is more than a fashion line—it’s a lifestyle brand for discerning women who understand that superb quality is always a good value. Our commitment to elevated fashion is evident in every pleated cuff, every French seam, every Swarovski crystal button.


OF WHONDER represents my heartfelt wish for every woman to celebrate her vitality, sensuality, and worth. The name comes from my family’s original name, De Whonder. It honors my proud Jamaican heritage, which has long celebrated women and the feminine silhouette. Both the name and the brand are very personal to me.


For years, I worked in politics, finance, and international affairs in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Geneva, Switzerland.  I traveled frequently to places like Riyadh, Beijing, and Milan. I had an active social life, too. I always felt I could keep up with the fashion industry—what I needed was fashion that could keep up with me. I wanted polished, tailored garments that fit both my shape and my fast-paced lifestyle.


Fashion may seem like a radical shift from my earlier career, but in truth, it’s a loving extension of it. Ultimately, I’m an advocate.  Educated at Howard and Johns Hopkins, both of which encourage service to others, I’m inspired to tell the stories of—and fight for—underserved markets.


OF WHONDER fills a void in the fashion industry by designing premium clothing for women sizes 10 to 24 who want breathtaking style, fine fabrics, and subtle, unexpected details. These pieces do more than just keep up with us—they inspire us to reach higher and achieve more.